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Create Interactive User Interfaces ReactJS is a javascript library widely used for building interactive user interfaces. React.js gives us the flexibility to update and render all the design component that is designed for each state in the application when data changes.

ReactJS give the power to develop large web applications that use data and can change over time without reloading the page. A ReactJS key objective is to provide high speed, simplicity, and scalability.

Starting from ReactJS v0.1 version launched in March 2013, Techtwins has covered the entire journey till the latest version React v16.0, which was launched on 26 September 2017. If you are looking to upgrade your existing solution to the latest version to leverage the robustness of ReactJS framework along with the latest gems, Techtwins is your right partner.

Why get React.JS Applications Developed?

  • One-way data flow
  • Virtual DOM
  • JSX
  • Nested elements
  • Attributes
  • JavaScript expressions
  • Simple Component
  • Stateful Component
  • Component Using External Plugins

Techtwins Advantages

  • Handpicked and highly experienced team.
  • Honesty
  • 100% Transparency
  • No Outsourcing, all gems inhouse
  • Excellent coding standards with Node JS testing scenarios
  • Not just programming but excellent UX architecture too

Technical Expertise

  • JSFiddle Integration
  • Prop Validation and Default Values
  • React and JSX in Ruby on Rails
  • React and JSX in Python Applications
  • React Chrome Developer Tools
  • React and JSX in ASP.NET MVC
  • Actions and the Dispatcher
  • Testing Flux Applications
  • Relay and GraphQL
  • Streamlining React Elements
  • Building The Facebook News Feed With Relay
  • GraphQL
  • Deprecating JSTransform and react-tools
  • ReactDOM

Techtwins is a trusted choice of clients when it comes to developing more advanced React.js based application. Techtwins’ react.js developers are highly skilled, experienced, and certified professionals, dedicated to developing applications which involve fusion of latest technologies making the best use of react.js features.

Hands On Experience

  • User-centric User Experience Design
  • Engaging User Interface 
  • Harnessing Xamarin’s UI elements 
  • React Plugin Development
  • Migrating Query/JavaScript to React.JS
  • Swift

Resembling Native

  • Native-like performance
  • Native-like UI

Automated Testing

  • Xamarin Cloud based automated real-time testing with 2000+ devices
  • Beta testing for usability 
  • Dynamic testing

We at Techtwins understand that UI plays a crucial role in app success and positive usability. So, Techtwins carves interface of applications with an intuitive one-size-fit design with totally native controls for Android, iOS and Windows Phones.

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