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  • LMS Software Solutions : Custom Learning Management Systems (LMS), Course Management Systems (CMS), courseware, and Electronic Performance Support Systems (EPSS) software development. We develop scalable learning management systems from scratch with intuitive User Interfaces (UI) and productive User Experiences (UX).
  • LMS E-Learning Software Services : We develop and integrate learning management systems with SCORM tools including the SCORM Engine, SCORM Cloud, and SCORM Driver. Development of LMS platforms using frameworks and tools such as Moodle, Articulate Storyline, Lectora, Blackboard, Adobe Captivate, and Litmos.
  • LMS Integrations :We program responsive design features including HTML5 native support, geo-location / localization support, HTML5 publishing, multidevice / multiscreen views, and more. We customize integrations to 3rd party systems and APIs including Tin Can API (Experience API / xAPI) plus large-scale data migration services from legacy systems.
  • E-Learning Platform Development We develop web-based (Software-as-a-Service), desktop, and mobile learning environments, including Web-Based Training (WBT), Instructor-Led Training (ILT), Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT), mobile learning (mLearning), Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) platforms, virtual classrooms, and blended learning environments using custom, proprietary, plus open source frameworks.
  • LMS Mobile Applications : We develop LMS mobile applications using cross-platform, Short Message Service (SMS), and push notifications technologies for iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows, and Symbian OS. We program Moodle Mobile features and applications for smartphones and tablets.
  • LMS Digital Communication Interfaces :We integrate synchronous, asynchronous, and blended learning applications including social learning frameworks, messaging, multimedia, web / video conferencing, streaming, recording, Voice over IP (VoIP), discussion boards, interactive whiteboards, screen-sharing capabilities, gamification, email, file / document sharing, self-paced / on-demand learning, and other technologies.
  • LMS Corporate Training Solutions : We engineer corporate portals and sign-up modules that allow corporations to buy or create e-learning courses with features designed to connect employees to training. We also integrate with corporate intranet through white-labeled platforms to provide a single-point access sign on page for employees.
  • LMS CMS Modules : We integrate Content Management Systems (CMS) and LMS modules configured to suit training needs such as custom forums, job boards, photo galleries etc. as well as allowing individual end-users to purchase online courses from a catalog, access to assignments, and more.
  • LMS Ecommerce :We develop custom training e-commerce platforms and capabilities including shopping carts, payment gateway / payment processor integrations, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), plus tracking and analytics.
  • LMS Storing & Reporting Tools : We engineer offline functionality via caching, offline libraries, and local storage, plus program automatic server updates to save progress once status is online. We program custom real-time reporting modules for administrator and user dashboards.


eLearning Management Systems have intangible and far-reaching benefits than what most businesses think. A customized Learning Management Software not only paves way for stakeholders to understand the business processes and operations but also share vital inputs to refine those processes to create a better organization.

  • Knowledge Transfer and eLearning.
  • Skill Enhancement and Personal Growth.
  • Time and Cost Savings in Training.
  • Automated Learning Management.
  • Process Automation and Realization.
  • Content Sharing and Management.
  • Stakeholder Learning and Engagement.
  • Increased Conversations and Collaboration.
  • Cross Silos Coaching and Collaboration.


If you are an educational organization or a corporate sector willing to enhance and support classroom teaching, then there are effective e-learning platforms that can help to manage, interact and track your students.

  • Centralized learning: The training material, reports, audios or videos are available to individuals 24/7 and learning management software allows multiple user access from any location.
  • Reduced learning and development costs: LMS helps to do away with the instructor travel cost, printed materials, online accommodation rentals etc.
  • Instant capabilities evaluation: Students can be easily evaluated prior to taking a course, while participation and upon course completion.
  • Easy upgradation of content or product information: It is easy to change product description, course materials, forms or specifications and upload updated information.
  • Integrate social learning experiences: It is easy to integrate social learning into eLearning strategy and attract new learners.
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