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Microsoft Azure (MS) provides globally available public cloud services and covers more than 50 regions as one of the leading cloud providers. Their portfolio covers a range of more than 100 available end-to-end services: from analysis tools to IoT solutions and web apps. However, the handling of the services is as complex as the possibilities are extensive. The Azure portfolio and the high pace of innovation require agile IT processes and the appropriate expertise to understand, combine and implement configuration elements. As a Microsoft Global Gold Partner, T-Systems offers a wide range of managed services to provide companies with the best possible configuration and management support.

2,000 Microsoft-certified specialists

More than 1,500 transformation specialists and 2,000 Microsoft-certified experts possess the necessary know-how to bring all elements together. They provide in-depth advice when it comes to building a secure architecture and selecting the right services and tools. Comprehensive billing, support, management and networking services are also available. The Azure Cloud is particularly useful for the migration of Microsoft-based workloads or the addition of cloud components for existing local MS applications - the licenses already purchased for the Windows and Office environments are retained.

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Empower your team with a platform built with your security in mind.

  • Deep integration with Azure Cloud.
    Simple integration with Azure Monitor and Event Hub and out-of the-box content provides visibility into Azure Audit, Network Inspector, SQL, Active Directory, and more.
  • Machine learning with LogReduce pattern analysis.
    Boil down thousands of log lines into easy to understand patterns with LogReduce and LogCompare. Separate the signal from the noise and detect anomalous behavior with outlier detection.
  • Data privacy and sovereignty.
    Storage optimized EC2 instances access extremely fast SSD storage to serve data retrieval requests with lightning speed.Satisfy local data sovereignty and privacy requirements with Sumo Logic’s worldwide deployments including Europe, Asia, and the U.S.
  • Enable your multi-cloud strategy.
    Migrate to Azure faster and with confidence with full support for Azure, multi-cloud, and on-premise on a single platform. Adopt the latest microservices technologies with confidence using Sumo Logic’s native integrations for Kubernetes, Docker, Azure AKS, and Azure functions.
  • Support your entire business.
    Get full visibility into your business tools with support for Microsoft Office 365, including monitoring and analysis of Office 365 audit logs.

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