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Applications are your business, better secure them

Web, mobile, and desktop applications capture and hold sensitive corporate and customer data. However, they are highly vulnerable – 80% of cyberattacks occur at the application layer. Until recently applications were viewed as low risk because they were largely internal, so securing the infrastructure was the priority instead. But applications are now open to the world. The pressure to release quickly, the security checks needed to manage applications and systems in depth are often incomplete. Add to this a lack of security training on the part of application developers focused on functionality, and it’s clear that a more proactive approach to security is required. To deliver a user experience that is positive and secure, organizations need to integrate security testing to their application development lifecycle.

On-demand, scalable, and flexible security testing

Supporting thousands of desktop, mobile, or cloud applications, we test the security of any application, from anywhere. Techtwins Technologies offer a simple and fast way to transform your application security testing and reduce the risk of introducing new ways of working. Techtwins’s Application Security Testing is a platform-based, on-demand, pay-per-use service. You simply upload your application code or URL via a portal, and our expert auditors scan them and send you comprehensive results quickly, so you can see and remediate vulnerabilities. It’s the easy, accurate way to meet application security targets, guide security decisions, and cost efficiently support the business.

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