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Robust ,Secure and Effective Java

Value-driven Java applications to meet business objectives. Java is a platform-independent programming language created with the core value proposition of “write once, run everywhere” which implicates programs written in Java platform can run on desktops, mobiles, and embedded systems. At Techtwins, we leverage the functional competency of the Java platform to create value-driven applications.

Techtwins has an eminent record in developing simple to complex enterprise applications for its clients using Java technology. Our team of expert Java developers and global delivery capabilities ensures that projects will be delivered on time, meeting all compliance requirements of clients. For over a decade, Techtwins has built a depository of knowledge and experience in Java which applies on all projects.

Why get Java application developed?

  • Cross-platform development 
  • Seamless forward version compatibility
  • Enhanced security 
  • Performance-oriented applications
  • Java community & support
  • Scalable architecture
  • Reusable components
  • Easy to scale
  • Performance retention while scaling

Techtwins advantages for Java application development

  • Java application consulting & ideating 
  • Java web service oriented architecture
  • Engaging rich user experience 
  • 2000+ projects delivered
  • 1500+ clients serviced 

Technological Expertise

  • HTML 5, CSS3, JSP, JQuery, Ajax, Bootstrap.
  • Java/J2EE application development using MVC design pattern.
  • Integrating and implementing web services using SOAP, Restful etc.
  • Expertise on frameworks such as Spring Core, Spring MVC, Hibernate, Struts, Servlet, JPA etc.
  • Application maintenance with J2EE.
  • Creating and producing a rich content desktop application with JavaFX for all devices.
  • Get the best application to manage your billing and revenue system with Oracle BRM.

Secure architecture

  • Best security practices 
  • Iron Gate security architecture 
  • Powerful security system 

Performance-oriented applications

  • Java concurrency and multithreading 
  • Java service oriented architecture 
  • Enterprise level applications

Techtwins provides first­rate Java development services and has successfully developed Java/J2EE/J2ME based applications with various architectures, frameworks, and databases. Techtwins has honed our skills in nuances of Java development and as a result, we embrace a professional approach in understanding our client’s requirement before recommending an appropriate solution to them.

Technical Competencies

Our experienced Java developers and programmers have the core competency in providing custom designed Java solutions for businesses looking for large-scale, secured, scalable, or multi-tiered applications. Our technical competencies in Java development include:

Secure architecture

  • FRAMEWORKS– Spring, Struts, Hibernate,Oracle adf(Framework).
  • WEB SERVERS – Tomcat, Jetty, Oracle, JBOSS,OraclePL/SQL.
  • TOOLS – Netbeans, Apache, Eclipse, JDeveloper.
  • VERSIONS– Java, J2EE, J2SE and J2ME.
  • WEB & APP UX/UI Design Services.
  • OS– Windows, Unix, Linux and Mac.
  • ENTERPRISES, Web & Mobile Development.
  • CMS, migration & maintenance.
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