Cyber Security Training from Scratch to Expert Level

Welcome to this course on Practical Ethical Hacking. To enjoy this course,
you need nothing but a positive attitude and a desire to learn. No prior knowledge is required.

In this course, you will learn the practical side of ethical hacking. Too many courses teach students tools and concepts that are never used in the real world. In this course, we will focus only on tools and topics that will make you successful as an ethical hacker. The course is incredibly hands on and will cover many foundational topics.

What you'll learn

  • Linux Basic operations and Networking Concept on Practical Approach
  • Social Engineering Tactics for Cyber Security
  • Practical ethical hacking and penetration testing skills
  • Network hacking and defenses
  • Active Directory exploitation tactics and defenses
  • Common web application attacks
  • How to hack wireless networks
  • Learn how to write a pentest report
  • OWASP Top 10
  • IT security trends
  • Web App Testing
  • Mobile Hacking
  • Wireless Attacks and defences
  • System Hacking (Windows and Linux)

Why Choose Us for Training?

  • Live Projects
  • Training Certification
  • Letter of recommendation
  • VAPT Report Writing Project
  • Start learning from Sratch to Advanced
  • Helping for fresher to get their first Job in Cyber Security
  • Career Counseling in Cyber Security and other field in IT Industry